Who Should I Go See to Lose Weight?

Who Should I Go See To Lose Weight

Who should I go see to lose weight is a question that I hear a lot ? There are so many people out there trying to sell a quick and easy way to weight loss. Should I visit a doctor, registered dietitian, personal trainer, homeopathic doctor, or a spiritual adviser? These are all good questions.  At Nutrition Wellness, I recommend that you seek weight loss advice from a certified professional trained in giving nutrition and weight loss advice. Doctors and Registered Dietitians are definitely among these. Registered Dietitians have taken many more courses than doctors focused on food and nutrition knowledge. Personal trainers also have knowledge on weight loss principles and some can help guide you on your weight loss journeys. Of course, as a Registered Dietitian, I encourage people to seek sound nutritional advice from the right professional who has a solid understanding of food and nutrition knowledge to most effectively meet their weight loss goals.

At Nutrition Wellness, as a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist, and Wellness Coach, my goal is to help people lose weight and transform into the best version of themselves. The most important thing in understanding weight loss is having a solid understanding of the energy balance equation. The energy balance equation means that the more calories consumed in a day and not expended, the more weight gain accumulates. If more calories are expended or exerted than consumed, weight loss will occur. It can be looked at as a mathematical equation. The more you eat and less you engage in physical activity, a person will gain more weight. Also, the less you eat and the more physically active you are, a person will lose weight. Aside from any biological conditions such as hypothyroidism or other genetic conditions, this equation will hold true in virtually all circumstances.

Several of the components that I teach at Nutrition Wellness are focused on increasing physical activity and making sure a client is cleared to be physically active. Walking is one of the most basic forms of physical activity and I encourage clients to shoot for 10,000 steps a day. Through daily walking and physical fitness guidance, this will all help clients positively transform their physical bodies, and ultimately, their mind, body, and soul. This transformation will help lead you to be the best version of  yourself. You can transform physically, mentally, and emotionally and be the person you are meant to be. The power lies within you and you can do it!

Intuitive eating is another aspect that I focus on at Nutrition Wellness. What is intuitive eating? Intuitive eating is honoring the body’s hunger signals and listening to it’s cues. Another way of looking at it is when you eat and feel satiated, know when it is time to stop. It’s important not to feel the need to finish every bite on your plate and stop when you are full. Taking those several extra bites, when not hungry, is what causes some of those extra unwanted pounds to accumulate. It is when we listen to our intuition and ask ourselves – Am I really hungry? Honor that feeling and answer. If you find that you are eating based on emotional or comfort issues, start working on developing other activities/hobbies to fill that void. This will help with your weight loss journey and you will be well on your way to success!

At Nutrition Wellness, I enforce the importance of lowering your carbohydrates and eating more lean protein, such as fish, chicken, and lean meats,. This will guide you on your weight loss journey. Less carbohydrates and higher protein is such an important mindset to adopt and is key to losing weight. I encourage all clients to stay motivated and focus on really watching the amount of carbohydrates and protein they are consuming on a daily basis. Keeping food records/diary is an essential part of doing this and will help you on your path. Losing weight and loving yourself are strong focuses of what I do at Nutrition Wellness. When you understand that you are co-creator of your reality, you can achieve your dreams!  You can manifest the life you desire and deserve to be happy. My goal is to help clients reattach to who they are and desire to be. In understanding your own self-worth, which life distracts us from, we can eventually focus on self-love and gain the compassion needed to love ourselves unconditionally. Once we physically transform our bodies, we can mentally, emotionally, and spiritually view life in a new light and become the best version of ourselves! It is up to us and know all is possible with a positive mindset – If you believe it, you will achieve it! Contact Maria at Nutrition Wellness by signing up at nutritionwellness@mariakrd.com or call 901-321-5033. Check out my website at https://mariakrd.com

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