Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle and Starting Anew!

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As a Registered Dietitian, I encounter several clients who are vegan or are interested in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and starting anew and would like to know what it entails. Many questions I may hear is how can I get enough protein on a vegan diet? Is it more beneficial to live a vegan lifestyle? Every person I believe is guided on their own particular life path and must heed the call to what they are feeling the desire to do. If they feel intuitively called to go down the “vegan” path, they should listen to their inner call. We should not be fearful in trying something new or making mistakes. Failure or making mistakes are one of the best teachers in life and the only way to learn and grow, is to embrace change, and evolve into who we are meant to become fully.


As Thomas Edison created the light bulb, he was successful after the 1000th time (approximately something close to there), which means he failed about 999 times! HE NEVER GAVE UP THOUGH! Had he given up on the 100th try, he would never have been the famous inventor we all know and appreciate him to be. The lesson learned is, no matter how hard things may seem, no matter how many times you fail or make a mistake, no matter how hopeless things may appear, never give up on what you truly feel called to do! Like my favorite quote says “It is not how hard you get hit and knocked down, it’s how hard you get knocked down, but keep getting back up- over and over again- NO MATTER HOW HARD IT IS! (originally from Rocky but I changed it up a bit- you get the idea)!


Transforming into the greatest version of ourselves takes hard work, dedication and commitment to achieve your dreams. The reason why Rocky is my favorite film is because it is a movie about an underdog who continually got beaten down (both in the ring and outside), but kept getting back up and rising to fame to become the greatest version of himself. It is only in our deepest, darkest moments can we face our true fears, conquer them, and then, against all odds, rise from the ashes like the Phoenix to become the greatest version of ourselves.


Rocky went through many struggles and obstacles to rise from the ashes, but never gave up! Living in the world we live in, it can be easy to get bogged down with the negativities of life, and lose sight of who we are meant to become. Who we may have envisioned ourselves becoming when we were little kids with a wider, perhaps more hopeful view, of what life has in store for us. We need to awaken to our true “calling” or true inner light, to follow that call. Follow that call of our inner voice to create that reality of who we are truly meant to become- our true “Masterpiece.”  As I continually preach- Believe it and You Will Achieve it!


On my spiritual journey and awakening, I have embraced Self-love as the most important lesson I am continually learning and mastering. So, as we transition to a new lifestyle and listen to our inner call, how can we master what we are feeling to step into who we want to become and are meant to be. When I hear people want to embrace a vegan lifestyle, I think it is a calling for them in some way, shape or form, to step out of their comfort zone, and try something anew. Again, like in any new endeavor, we should not be afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone and becoming who we envision ourselves being. This stepping out of our comfort zone can take place in many platforms, but let’s focus on becoming a vegan for a bit. So, what may it look like to become a vegan and what should I be taking into account may be some questions going through your mind now.


I recently read somewhere that Miley Cyrus recently gave up a vegan lifestyle because she felt her brain was not functioning properly on it. What I get from this is that veganism may not have been in the long-term plan for her, which is completely acceptable. It is not meant to be for everyone and we need to discern how we feel on such a plant-based diet. As I like to say, nobody knows your body better then you! You are the expert! A vegan lifestyle simply means giving up meat and following a plant based diet. Also, veganism means eliminating all forms of exploitations of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose, and using animal free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment. (


So, what do you eat on a vegan diet? Plant based foods baby! Yes, a vegan diet can be healthy for any one at any age, children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly. It is important to note that vegans need to pay special attention to their diets to avoid specific nutrient deficiency. If following a well-planned vegan diet, there is little risk of deficiency- however, WE MUST LISTEN TO OUR BODIES INTUITIVE SIGNALS AS THEY CANNOT SPEAK TO US, SO WE NEED TO REALLY DISCERN HOW WE ARE FEELING. We all do have a different genetic blueprint and what works for one, may not work for another! This is where our intuitive hunger signals need to help us discern how we are physically feeling following a vegan lifestyle.


A couple of things worth noting regarding making the transition to veganism and starting anew are:







  • Some of my favorite legumes, nuts/seeds and healthy fats to focus on are: lentils, chickpeas, black beans, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, flaxseed oil, almond/nut butter, olives, chia seeds, pecans, and hummus.


  • Making sure to soak the legumes (whether it be lentils, beans, etc.) prior to cooking can help with their proper digestion. Anti-nutrients are plant compounds that reduce the absorption of nutrients from the digestive system. So soaking legumes prior to eating help with digesting them properly. This helps explain why I use to see my grandparents always soaking beans, lentils, etc. for hours prior to cooking for our Sunday meals as a kid!


Some typical suggestions to keep in mind when thinking about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and starting anew are-

Start with eliminating meat first and substituting with veggie alternatives– veggie burgers, soy products, tofu. Once you do this, you can start slowly eliminating dairy, eggs and honey. Remember, there are vegan cheeses out there for all of you cheese lovers. You may want to start slowly incorporating in some of these vegan cheese into your plant- based meals and see how you like them.

Baby steps to getting to your destination is the goal and eliminate one food group at a time, until you are feeling guided to move to the next. As I stated in my introduction, do not fear stepping out of your comfort zone, although we all most always do at times, but embrace the calling, if you feel guided to start anew and follow the vegan lifestyle! This is your intuitive voice calling on you to step up and embrace the change! Listen to it and do not ignore it!

I invite you all to reach out to me on facebook (on messenger) and I will send you a 3 day meal plan of plant based foods to see how you do! You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter on my site at and just look for Newsletter signup!

Don’t forget to always strive to transform into the greatest version of yourself and book your consult with me at Nutrition Wellness by calling 901-321-5033 or email me at We are all on this journey together and meant to wake up, raising the vibration of the planet and doing what we are meant to do on this earth is what it is all about.

We are all amazing, special and unique individuals and know that rising against all odds, stepping out of our comfort zones, and embracing love and our ultimate path, we will fulfill our destiny and help others fulfill their greatest potential. It is never too late in life and remember, we create our own reality. If you do believe it and manifest it, you will achieve it. The power lies within you and nobody can take it away- as I like to say- unless you allow them to. Become the greatest version of yourself and step out of that comfort zone! Let’s Do this and Blossom into who we are meant to be on this New Day!

Shine your light and become a beacon of hope for all!

You are all amazing and I look forward to seeing you in a consult. Book with Nutrition Wellness today at or call 901-321-5033. See you soon! Love and light to all!









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